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I have started a new adventure in life, and am now blogging at the NEW site,   This site will provide practical, printable advice and sheets you can TAKE with you when you travel. It has personal, relatable stories that can help you PLAN AWESOME TRIPS! This site started as a way for me to keep travel memories for my family and friends to see, and after a little reboot, I will be using it to help people have awesome memories during awesome trips. I hope you all check it out over the next few weeks, the content is pretty minimal right now, but we will be adding TONS over the next few weeks!

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Wanderlust? Actually Planning a Trip Once You Have an Idea

I spend a seriously alarming amount of time daydreaming about places I want to go and things I want to do. Like for real – I should spend a lot more time focused on finishing my last semester of school or working. Its not like I regret it – I have just realize how much time I have been spending planning trips way wayyyy into the future. Continue reading

Europe – 3rd Time is a Charm

I am in the midst of planning another trip to my favorite continent – Europe. For those of you who are curious, my first trip to Europewas exploring different parts of Italy. This included Milan, Venice (one of my favorite cities), Ravenna, Florence, Pisa, Cinque Terre, The Vatican, and Rome, as well as a brief stay in London, England. This was such an eye opening and beautiful experience, I needed to go back. I partially attribute this to throwing a coin the the Trevi Fountain in Rome. They say if you throw a coin in and wish to go back, you will.

Photo: Cinque Terre –

Since I knew I needed to return – I booked another trip over! Although it was several years later – the thrill instantly returned. My next trip was a solo trip. I was scared, anxious, excited, and simply teeming with energy as I boarded the plane from Canada. Little fact about me – I love planes, airports, packing – anything to do with travel! During this trip I expanded my comfort zone a bit and travelled to several areas. Continue reading

Returning Home

I just recently got home from a month and a half roadtrip across Western USa & Canada. I am unbelievably excited to share everything from this trip as it was absolutely amazing! However it will be a couple days before I get every thing organized and ready to go! So until then I will share three of the things I promise to write about:

1. Best stops and activities along the Pacific Coast Highway along the Californian coast!

2. How to survive the desert heat and have a lot of fun along the way in Arizona & Las Vegas.

3. Revised road trip planning tips! I am a huge advocate of road trips, so not that I have actually returned I will let you know which tips are helpful, and which can be thrown to the curb.

Happy Travels


Why Travel?

Travelling is a passion of mine, a true way to see and learn about the world we live in. Not everyone sees travel in the same light. I know myself & many of my friends have had experiences with people who encourage or discourage travelling. Parents and other adult influences can really make or break your travelling experiences. If the people in your life do not support your choice to travel, it can be harder to accomplish your dreams. A supportive environment really does benefit everyone involved.

One reason many people condemn travel is because it costs money. Yes, travelling can be expensive. But if people can justify paying thousands of dollars for a TV or computer, why can’t they see the value in travelling? Research is important when it comes to travelling. Budgeting is important when it comes to travelling. These and other things are often what we are taught in school. Travelling, however, allows us to learn and expand our world view in a more engaging way than sitting in a classroom. Money will always be a part of travel, but isn’t it worth it to gain the amazing experience of travelling?

One of the best times to travel is when you are young. It does’t matter how you define young. It is easier (and cheaper) to travel when you don’t have kids or long term careers to anchor you. This is another reason why travelling can be judged. People who have made these commitments may look at travellers and think we are uncommitted, or running from responsibilities. To be honest, for some people this is true and that is FINE. Good for them for discovering who they are and seeing how other people live before they decide to settle down. People can travel their entire lives and be happy. People can also live their whole lives and never think about how other people do things. Travelling really offers you an opportunity to open your mind, and find what you believe in.

I will always be someone who supports travelling. To me it just makes sense. Not every one I know agrees with me, but that is okay. One thing that I really want to make a point of is that if you travel with an open mind, you will meet other people doing the same. You will meet tons of people who love to travel, wander, and explore 🙂

I wrote this post mostly for me, this is a good place to keep track of my thoughts. I will always love travel, some people will never even try it. Differences between people keep life interesting, so I am grateful for these. And what is a better way to explore these differences than travelling? 🙂

Happy Travels