Returning Home

I just recently got home from a month and a half roadtrip across Western USa & Canada. I am unbelievably excited to share everything from this trip as it was absolutely amazing! However it will be a couple days before I get every thing organized and ready to go! So until then I will share three of the things I promise to write about:

1. Best stops and activities along the Pacific Coast Highway along the Californian coast!

2. How to survive the desert heat and have a lot of fun along the way in Arizona & Las Vegas.

3. Revised road trip planning tips! I am a huge advocate of road trips, so not that I have actually returned I will let you know which tips are helpful, and which can be thrown to the curb.

Happy Travels


Packing for Camping/Backpacking

Hey everyone! Today’s post is all about camping. I am planning to do a road trip along the West Coast of the states this June. The trip will last about a month and we will be camping and hiking most days. There are a couple of times that we (my boyfriend & I) will be staying in a hotel, for example when we are in Vegas, but for the most part we will be camping.

First I will make a list of some supplies you will need for camping. Continue reading

Road Trip Planning!

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am planning on taking a road trip this summer! I am really excited because this road trip will take me to several places I have never been before (which is always exciting!). I will share what I have planned so far, and share some tips and things to remember!

Western States Road Trip

The first thing I did was make a quick list of things I wanted to see and do!

1. Grand Canyon

2. San Fransisco

3. Seattle/Portland

4. Mount Rushmore

5. Big Sur & Pacific Coast Highway

6. Texas (I don’t care where, I know I will go to Texas more extensively sometime, I just want to get a little taste!)

7. New Orleans

Keep in mind this is just a quick list I made off the top of my head, I can always change it later. The next thing I planned was the amount of time my boyfriend and I could get off work. This ended up being around three weeks in the summer. Since I don’t know when exactly we will be leaving, I planned the trip starting with Day 1 instead of listing the actual dates. Then I started the run part! Mapping the actual route! Keep in mind that it is easiest for road trips to move in a type of circle, you want to start and leave in the same spot, but you probably don’t just want to retrace your steps on the way back. Another thing to keep in mind (that I almost forgot) is that your time (so for me that was three weeks) INCLUDES the way back. SO keeping this in mind I had to cut out a few things in order to make it work. A great way to save a few days on this road trip would be to leave and return to Seattle, but I live in Canada so the first day or two is dedicated to getting to my first stop on my list! Another thing to keep in mind is distance travelled per day, you want to have enough time to stop and eat, take pictures, and enjoy the trip! Summer is a great time to go because you will get more daylight hours! Some of my days I have planned are quite long (keep in mind the distances are in kilometres not miles) but with two of us driving we can split it. Also most of these distances go through scene areas and it will be nice to stop and stretch and take some pictures along the way. If you are doing a solo road trip, I would suggest shorter distances per day, and if you are in a large group, you can even travel through the night if you want to get somewhere really fast!

Okay here we go:

Day 1: Alberta – Cranbrook BC

Distance: 500 km

Day 2: Cranbrook BC – Seattle WA

Distance: 750 km

This day we go through mountains and forests which will be pretty to look at, but we won’t be stopping anywhere major on the way. It is quite a long day but I figured right at the beginning of the trip we could handle it! I plan to leave Cranbrook quite early and get to Seattle at a decent time to do some sightseeing before moving on the next day!

Day 3: Seattle WA – Coos Bay OR

Distance: 635 km

I researched places to camp (most of the nights except in big cities I plan on camping! Saves money, and I love camping!) along the coast and I stumbled across Coos Bay. It is a small place right along the coast which will be nice! This drive is about an hour and a half shorter than Day 2, so we can leave a little later, in order to spend more time in Seattle. And we are going through Portland!

Day 4: Coos Bay OR – Crescent City CA

Distance: 215 km

Crescent City is right in the Redwood National Parks. I really want to spend some time here so we can have a nice leisurely day and spend some time in both Coos Bay & Crescent City and enjoy the view along the coastal highway.

Day 5: Crescent City CA – San Fransisco CA

Distance: 570 km

My goal is to leave fairly early so we can hang out in San Fransisco for the day! I love pictures on San Fransisco and I can’t wait to take my own :).

Day 6: San Fransisco CA – Big Sur CA – Fresno CA

Distance: 220 km + 270 km

I have planned to spend some time taking pictures at Big Sur. If you don’t know what this is GOOGLE IT. It is absolutely beautiful! I planned to cut inland and stop at Fresno, because we plan on going to Las Vegas, and this will shorten the long drive. We can also leave a little later and spend some time in San Fransisco.

Day 7: Fresno CA – Las Vegas NV

Distance: 635 km

This is a fairly long drive (a little under 6 hours) but we will leave early and get to Las Vegas in time to have some fun!

Day 8: Las Vegas NV

No driving planned today! Yay!

Day 9: Las Vegas NV – Grand Canyon – Flagstaff AZ

Distance: 575 km

I finally get to see the Grand Canyon! We will split this drive in two parts. A couple hours in the morning, stop at the Grand Canyon for a while and then a short drive to Flagstaff where we will spend the night.

Day 10: Flagstaff AZ – Amarillo TX

Distance: 980 km

This is our longest day! WE travel straight across New Mexico and on to Texas. I figured this would be a good time for a long drive, after a couple of short days and one day with no driving at all, it will be good to spend a day in the car and get a change of scenery.

Day 11: Amarillo TX – Dallas TX

Distance: 580 km

Travelling through Texas!

Day 12: Dallas TX – Houston TX

Distance: 385 km

On to Houston! Plan on spending some time in Houston and maybe go to the coast then off to New Orleans!

Day 13: Houston TX – New Orleans LA

Distance: 560 km

I have wanted to go to New Orleans for such a long time! We plan on getting there early so we can spend some time wandering around!

Day 14: New Orleans LA – Memphis TN

Distance: 635 km

Starting the journey back home! Spend the day travelling through Mississippi and then to Tennessee.

Day 15 – Memphis TN – Cincinnati OH

Distance: 775 km

Couple of decently long days in a row to get back up North! Then on to Chicago the next day! Travelling through Kentucky and Indiana.

Day 16 – Cincinnati OH – Chicago IL

Distance: 475 km

Fairly short drive to Chicago, we will leave early so we can spend some time in Chicago.

Day 17 – Chicago IL

Day 18 – Chicago IL – Sioux Falls SD

LONG DAY! figured it would be best to take a break day before heading out on this long drive to South Dakota.

Day 19 – Sioux Falls SD – Mount Rushmore SD

Distance: 560 km

Find somewhere to stay around Mount Rushmore. Then continue heading back home!

Day 20 – Mount Rushmore SD – Great Falls MT

Distance: 860 km

Still heading back home!

Day 21 – Great Falls MT – HOME


I have a couple of days where we don’t drive at all, and we can always move these to another time if we need a break or want to change our plans. That is one of the great things about having phones with GPS, if we think of something we want to do we can always find a way there and then just change out plans accordingly.

Well this is the plan for now! we will see how it goes in a couple of months! I don’t think this road trip will be as fun this time of year :).



I just thought I would post this sunrise picture! I love sunrises and this particular picture was taken very early in the morning (or late in the night) off the coast of Alaska. Alaska may sound like a daunting place to travel, but I travelled to Alaska in the summer and the weather was beautiful! I even went snorkelling 🙂

A beautiful sunrise (at three in the morning!) off the coast of Alaska. I would go back here in a heartbeat.

A beautiful sunrise (at three in the morning!) off the coast of Alaska. I would go back here in a heartbeat!