About Me !

Hey there! I am really glad that you are reading this, wherever you may be in this wonderful world! I love travelling, and spend most my time daydreaming about or planning trips. My vision for this site is to reach as many travellers as I can from across the world. I am always amazed to see the various countries that people ‘visit’ me from I always update my current location and would love to meet up with readers on future trips. So go ahead, read away my friends. I am always looking for advice, ideas, and travel stories. Send them my way at travelwanderexplore@hotmail.com or follow me on twitter @TravelWander

Click the recent posts tab on the sidebar of this website, or view past posts down below under the archives tab. I have posted on Europe, packing, road trips, solo travel, and much more. Thank you for visiting!

Since this post is called ‘about me’ I guess I better explain myself! I am a JUST ABOUT graduated university student from Canada. As I mentioned before I love travelling and spend most of my time and all of my money (darn it) on travel.

Happy travels,


9 thoughts on “About Me !

  1. Hi, cute blog you have going here! I can definitely relate to the daydreaming of wanderlust that you write about xD Whereabouts do you study in Canada? I go to school in Toronto, so if we’re actually in the same area, that’d be cool!


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