Livin the London Life!

Hey everyone,

I have been in London for a few days now and I have finally gotten around to posting! I have been very busy in the best possible way. I just love the energy of this city-and I have even enjoyed good weather for most of my time here so far! I spent the first couple of days doing the typical tourist stuff-abbeys, towers, bridges, and so forth! I really don’t want to waste your time going over what exactly I did because you can look up any top ten London list and find the same things! 😊 I spent the other day in Greenwich which was absolutely lovely. I love how it feels like a completely separate city with a slower pace and less tourists. It really was a wonderful day! If you are headed to London I would definitely recommend to spend at least an afternoon in Greenwich, hit up the market, walk around and enjoy your self! There are a few hostels in the area so you can even extend your time in Greenwich if you would like! 

I still have a couple of days in this lovely city so you can expect a more detailed post with things to do, places to stay, and all sorts of stuff! 
Happy travels! 

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