Next Stop: London

I am preparing to head across the pond to London in about two weeks and I could not be more excited! I have been to London before but have never gotten to explore as much as I would like. Here are a couple of things I have planned for my time in London:

  1. Buckingham Palace, Big Ben – all that jazz. I am not even going to list it all because everyone probably knows what the main London attractions are!
  2. Cliffs of Dover – this isn’t in London , but I cannot wait to see these cliffs. I will be doing a day trip out and I imagine it being one of the highlights of my trip! Hint: I have a weird obsession with cliffs and coastlines so you can imagine my joy!
  3. Abbey Road – I know it is cliche – but I really want a picture crossing the street just like the Beatles!

Everything else is pretty open ended! I will be in London for about a week or so and I am looking for recommendations for spots to eat! I wold love it if you could send them my way!


Happy Travels


11 thoughts on “Next Stop: London

  1. What to eat in London?? What not to eat! Go to koya in soho for the best udon this side of Japan, try Maltby street market instead of Borough, much less touristico and Ember Yard for amazing smokey tapas. Enjoy!!

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  2. Hi there! I saw that you and I have a couple cities in our itineraries that may overlap πŸ™‚ I’d love to meet a fellow wanderer! I’m only in London for 1 day (May 6) but I thought you might be there? After that I’ll be in Scotland May 7-11.

    Either way, happy travels!

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