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Hey everyone!

This post is one I thought about writing a while ago but decided against it. Now, after a busy week I have decided to revisit this topic because I really think it might be useful to people. As the title is pretty straightforward, this is about hostels at home! I live in Canada and I have spent many nights in hostels and budget accommodations overseas, but I never really considered how much FUN these hostels could be right in my backyard. 

On a recent trip to Europe I spend every night in a hostel and I saved a BUNCH of money and I made a lot of new friends. However, on a recent trip for a hockey game here in Canada I spent well over $100 on a hotel room, that really didn’t get much use! So, I decided that the next time I need to find accommodation I will try to find a hostel!

I would like to say that if I lived in Europe or another area where hostels are really common I think this would be a no brainer – but you would be surprised to find out how many people don’t even know that hostels exist so close to them! So, I will continue…

There are lots of hostels in the Rocky Mountains. It is super easy to find a hostel in Banff/Jasper/Lake Louise area. And since many of these are backcountry hostels (NO RUNNING WATER) I love them because it is like getting all the benefits of camping without lugging a bunch of supplies around! If you are looking for hostels in Canada check out the Hostelling International Canadian site. Make sure to check if the hostels have running water if that if something you are looking for!

I am so glad I started using hostels @ home because if is a really awesome way to save money and I have only had great experiences! So check it out!


Happy Travels,


7 thoughts on “Hostels @ Home

  1. I agree! No need to book in an overpriced hotel when you are travelling since you’re going to stay outside most of the time. When we went to Japan last year, we booked in a traditional inn. It’s much cheaper plus we got to experience to sleep in a traditional tatami room. Most inns in Japan also have an onsen/hot spring which is really good ❤

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