Budget Conscious Travelling

I HATE the term ‘budget travelling’. So many people think that if you are travelling on a budget you will be missing out on awesome things, or be staying in shady hostels, that kind of stuff. Budget travelling is great because for lots of people it means they get to do MORE. If you had to save up for years and years to travel, you wouldn’t get to see and do as much as a budget traveller who travels more often, but is aware of their budget. This will be a short post, but here are a couple tips about how to stay conscious of your budget while travelling! 1. Accommodations

Hostels are great for travellers on a budget. Honestly, even if I wasn’t on a budget I would probably make good use out of them. They are great places to meet fellow travellers, they are FUN, and they often have some amenities included such as a free breakfast or  discounted tours available. However, if you are on a REALLY strict budget hostels can really add up! I know several people who have travelled on a very small budget by using couchsurfing and other such resources. This is not for everyone, but I have heard really great things about it and I am hoping to try it out soon!

2. Transportation

Flights, trains, and such can also add up really quickly. For my upcoming trip to Europe many people have suggested getting a train pass, but for me, it would have costed more than booking separate modes of travel. Really make sure you check out the prices ad make sure it is worth it! I booked cheap flights (Check out Skyscanner!) and trains point to point rather getting a global pass. If I had done this it would have been about 200 Euros more than what I am currently paying. Depending on how you are travelling and WHERE it can save you a lot of money in the right circumstances!

3. Food/Drink

This is one of my favorite areas to save money. One of my favorite things to do is check out local markets and buy groceries (often for very cheap and great quality) and make my own sandwiches or salads for lunch. I also make use of the free breakfast at the hostel or buy a pastry for breakfast. By doing it this way I usually spend about 5-6 Euros for food up until dinner time (some places are cheaper, some places are much more expensive!). Then I can choose to either splurge for dinner, or continue to save money! I also like to buy wine or local beers and keep them with me as opposed to buying drinks at the hostel or another bar. Now – if I am going out for the night it is a different story, but I still like to stick to buying a couple cheap drinks, as opposed to going all out and blowing my budget!


I will be posting a more detailed post on budget travelling soon! This is just an introduction, hope you find something useful in it!

Happy Travels,



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