5 Great Things About Travel

This list is short and sweet but it captures all of my favorite things about travelling. I hope you enjoy it, feel free to comment below 🙂

  1. Breathing in the air of a new place. One of my favorite feelings is hopping off a plane or a train and taking a deep breath of new energy and excitement. I love the wonderful feelings that come with exploring somewhere new.
  2. Trying new food. I love exploring different regional cuisines and stepping out of my comfort zone! I would say a great majority of these experiences have been great – with only a few new foods I did not like, and even then I was grateful for the experience.
  3. Meeting new people. Yes. Food is higher on this list than people – I realize that, but I haven’t really organized this list in order – so just go with it! I love making new friends while travelling and hearing travel stories of different places that usually inspire me to explore somewhere new and unexpected!
  4. Getting lost. I love getting lost in a new city and finding hidden gems along the way. Most of the great experiences that travel has to offer can be found off the beaten track. Seriously, just let yourself get lost and spend some time wondering the streets of your new city.
  5. Learning about different places and cultures. I love learning about different cultures and there is no better way of doing this than in person. You can’t learn everything from a book, so get out there and explore! Make sure you have an open mind and an open heart and you will have a great experience. 🙂


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