European Adventure: Part III

Hey there! Been a while since I posted, sorry about that! I have been spending wayyyy to much time planning my upcoming trip to Europe. I have had a few questions on where I will be heading to, so I thought I would answer them here! One reason for this is that I am terrible at responding to emails in a timely matter – so I do apologize! Here we go,

United Kingdom

I am planning on spending some time in London area and I really want to visit the Cliffs of Dover and the English Channel, so I will have to head out there as well!


One of my favorite places ever! I will be traveling around Jutland as well as going to Copenhagen (Kobenhavn).


I have never been to Sweden so I am very excited to explore this new (to me) country.  I will be spending most of my time around Malmo.


BERLIN! And other areas such as Dresden, but I am so happy to finally be able to explore Berlin. Any tips are warmly welcomed!

Czech Republic

I will be focusing my brief (2-3 days) stay in Czech Republic to the Prague area. I have seen many beautiful pictures of this city so I am sure it will be a highlight of my trip!


Not sure whereI am going in Poland yet – Krakow for sure and possible Warsaw.


I will be spending my time in Vienna and surrounding area. This is one stop I am really looking forward too. I have been dreaming of going to Vienna for a longggg time!


I will be visiting Budapest finally! I haven’t booked this part of the trip yet but I will almost definitely be spending a decent amount of time in Budapest!


I really want to visit Bratislava so I will hopefully be squeezing this in there some where!


I am finally returning to Italy!!! After about 6 years my desire to return to this beautiful country has overcome me – so I will be revisiting the cities of Venice and Rome, and travelling to Murano and Burano for the first time. I will also hopefully be going to Naples and the Amalfi Coast!


PARIS! The beautiful city of lights, I cannot wait!


I will be exploring the areas of Brussels, Antwerp, and Bruges 🙂

The Netherlands

Another long awaited destination – I will be travelling to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, the Hague and some other stops along the way!


The final stop on my journey – Iceland!


As you can see I will be very busy over the next little while, and I will have a lot of planning to do! If you have any tips for the areas I will be visiting, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear them – seriously.


Happy Travels 🙂

2 thoughts on “European Adventure: Part III

  1. You are going to be exhausted and if I had one piece of advice, see if you can focus on some specific areas. Vienna by itself is worth a few weeks and then you have wonderful places like Krems and the Waucau Valley you don’t want to miss. See my blogs about Aggstein too as well as Vienna. Good luck and have a nice time.


    • Hi there! I probably will be exhausted! I tend to book long trips where I can see a little of each area, then when I have blocks of time for shorter trips (2-3 weeks) I go back and focus on the areas I loved the first time! I did this in Italy and now I am going back to explore some areas more in depth! I really appreciate your tips about Vienna – I will definitely check out your blog! Have a great day!


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