Europe – 3rd Time is a Charm

I am in the midst of planning another trip to my favorite continent – Europe. For those of you who are curious, my first trip to Europewas exploring different parts of Italy. This included Milan, Venice (one of my favorite cities), Ravenna, Florence, Pisa, Cinque Terre, The Vatican, and Rome, as well as a brief stay in London, England. This was such an eye opening and beautiful experience, I needed to go back. I partially attribute this to throwing a coin the the Trevi Fountain in Rome. They say if you throw a coin in and wish to go back, you will.

Photo: Cinque Terre –

Since I knew I needed to return – I booked another trip over! Although it was several years later – the thrill instantly returned. My next trip was a solo trip. I was scared, anxious, excited, and simply teeming with energy as I boarded the plane from Canada. Little fact about me – I love planes, airports, packing – anything to do with travel! During this trip I expanded my comfort zone a bit and travelled to several areas. These included London (briefly again – more about that later), Denmark (mainland and several islands), Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Andorra, France, Norway, and Greece. Now – looking back I would have planned this a little better so I would have spent less time travelling and more time exploring! Nevertheless, it was a wonderful experience. Some highlights from this trip included Barcelona and Athens. I truly fell in love with Barcelona. I love the charm, energy, weather, people, pretty much everything! Athens was a very close second – I really loved the food, weather and history.


Photo: Athens – The Parthenon –

Now I am planning my third trip to Europe. I really cannot get enough of the place. This trip will include solo travel and some travel with my boyfriend. I have not set anything in stone yet – so I will give you my ‘rough draft’ of the plan!

1.London, England – I will finally explore this city in depth! I have been here twice before but only as long layovers. I was able to explore a bit – but I am yet to really soak in the London atmosphere. I have been planning to go to London for a long time!

2.Brussels, Belgium – I will spend some time in Belgium, Bruges, & Antwerp! I can’t wait! I do not yet have much planned for Belgium – so if you have any tips I would love to hear them! You can comment down below! 🙂

3. Copenhagen, Denmark – I have been here before, but again – I would love to explore more in depth! I will also visit other areas of Denmark and cross the Oresund Bridge to Malmo, Sweden for a couple of days!

4. Berlin, Germany – I have been to Germany before and thought it would be really cool to visit Berlin! I love history so I am looking forward to visiting such a unique city.

5. Poland – I am not really sure where I will go in Poland yet! Probably Krakow or Warsaw area!

6. Prague, Czech Republic – Another city full of charm that I am dying to visit. Again – I do not have much planned here so any tips are much appreciated!

7. Budapest, Hungary – same as above! Full of charm and intrigue! Definitely one of the stops I am most looking forward to!

8. Vienna, Austria – I have heard so many wonderful things about Austria – I couldn’t leave it off my list! I got a recommendation to go to Vienna and Bratislava, Slovakia – so I will hopefully be visiting both!

9. Croatia – I am dying to visit Croatia! There are so many places I want to go (Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Krka, Pula, Zagreb, Plitvice) I really  don’t know what I will do but I am for sure going to check out a couple of places! Suggestions welcome!

10. Venice – Returning to one of my favorite cities. I really could spend a life time in Venice – but a couple more days will have to do!

11. Rome – I cannot wait to go back! I will have to make sure to throw another coin in the fountain so I will return again! I have such a strong love for all things Italian!

12. Paris – As I have mentioned before, I have been to France before but I spent my time in villages and towns in the South portion of France. I am seriously stoked to go to Paris! Is stoked the right word? Probably not, oh well. This will probably be one of the highlights of my trip!

13. Amsterdam – A city that needs no introduction I hope to also explore Rotterdam and The Hague!

14. And finally – Iceland! This country was relatively unknown to me a couple of years ago and has since moved near the top of my ‘To Travel’ list!


I mentioned above that this is not yet set in stone  and I am really open to suggestions/recommendations! I would love to hear from you if you have been to any of these areas – or even if you haven’t and just heard some information, I would love to check it out for you!

Happy Travels!






3 thoughts on “Europe – 3rd Time is a Charm

  1. Italy of course is incredible. I love Turin, Burano, and Lake Garda. Prague and Barcelona have also stayed at the top of my list. I’m planning my next trip to Iceland. It’s wonderful but so overwhelming to plan a trip in this amazing world.

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  2. Good morning! As I waken to the daily rhythm of home, I am impressed with your enthusiasm and plentiful exclamation marks! Being recently returned home from extensive travels I am treating home life as an adventure. Sometimes I play that I’m a visitor to my own home area and explore and have new adventures! Until I travel again…. Enjoy your adventures !


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