Seriously, just go!

This is a thought I have quite often. I am always daydreaming of travel and future trips, and in the past I have ‘just gone’! However, there is always going to be a reason why travel doesn’t seem feasible. Money, jobs, relationships, family, and so on. The list can seem overwhelming. But if your heart (like mine) is set on travel, I honestly think that you should just go!

One hardest things to overcome can be the financial aspect of travel. I live in Canada and a great airline that offers cheap airfare to Europe (one of my favourite destinations) is Norwegian Airlines. Seriously, check them out. Another way to save money is by looking at sites such as sky scanner. Hostels, budgeting and planning can also minimize your budget. I have an account that takes 50$ out of my account each month and transfers it to a ‘travel fund’. I don’t even know the money is gone, but at the end of the year I have 600$ to add to whatever trip I have planned 🙂

Another aspect of travelling that can be hard to ‘let go of’ is relationships. Now, I am not saying you have to dump your SO and buy a plane ticket, but think about what is important to you. Travel? Then go. Girlfriend/boyfriend – do what you have to do. Or, like me, you can balance both. It can be hard, especially when I want to plan whirlwind trips around the world, but it keeps me grounded and makes me realize that I do love being home.

Now for time. I travel on the weekends, holidays, summer vacuum – some of the most expensive times to travel. If you can manage to travel in an off season – your money will go a lot further. However, I have managed to squeeze about 2 months of travelling, 8 months of university and 8 or so months of working full/part-time in to each year for the last four years. I can’t even say it has been hard, because it has been so much fun, but it is hard work.

Honestly, travelling will change your life, if you can convince yourself to go, I can almost guarantee it will become an addictive habit, so plan accordingly 🙂

Happy Travels


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