Packing for Camping/Backpacking

Hey everyone! Today’s post is all about camping. I am planning to do a road trip along the West Coast of the states this June. The trip will last about a month and we will be camping and hiking most days. There are a couple of times that we (my boyfriend & I) will be staying in a hotel, for example when we are in Vegas, but for the most part we will be camping.

First I will make a list of some supplies you will need for camping. If you live in Canada go to Atmosphere! This store is my absolute favorite, you can get everything from hiking boots, to tents, to snowshoes, to canoes. Seriously, awesome. You can also get these supplies at any outdoor or sporting goods store.

Heres the list!

Tent (We have a small 2 person tent, easy to pack up, set up, and keep clean. Plus is saves a lot of space.)

Backpacks (1 each – ours are about 65L. Good for when we will be spending the day away from the campsite – daypack)

Appropriate footwear (for us this means everything from sandals to hiking boots)

Camping dishes/utensils (Can also include thermoses, tin foil, etc.)

Non – perishable food (Granola bars, trail mix, juice boxes, apples – perishable but convenient)

Cooler for perishable food

*we are also bringing a vehicle to drive to road trip in, so we will have most of this supplies packed in the truck, with essentials in our daypacks.

clothing/toiletries – don’t pack to much. The general rule is to pack what you think you need, then reduce it by a third.

Laundry soap/sink stopper/ fast drying towels- handy for doing laundry, squeeze excess water out with fast drying towels, hang dry.

Emergency kit (flashlight, first aid supplies, cash)

Sleeping bags/Sleeping mats (make sure they are comfortable before you buy!)

Now, here is what I keep in my backpack. This is what I am planning to keep with me when we are walking through the Redwoods in California for example.

Lightweight shoes (think TOMS, for easy hiking, lightweight, dry fast)

WATER (1 water bottle outside bag clipped on, one inside) I really like the collapsible sack like water bottles, because when they are empty, they take up minimal space in your bag.

Lunch, food, snacks (keep these near the top of your bag)

GoPro, Cell phone (kept in a waterproof sac)

Change of clothes

Bathing suit (you never know when you will come across a swimming spot) 🙂


First Aid

Fast drying towel

Toilet paper (depending where you are going, there may of may not be restrooms)

2 pairs socks

This is a basic list. It leaves room in your pack to add specifics to whatever trip you may be going on.

I cannot wait to go on this trip! I will have more updates after of course,

happy travels


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