Hey guys!

I just got back from a vacation in Cuba & have tons to share! Another great thing is that it is plus 6 (Celsius) here at home which was completely unexpected and awesome!

One of my favourite things about Cuba was the weather! Most of the days we were there it was hot & sunny with just enough of a breeze to keep it bearable! The resort we stayed at was right on the beach, so the breeze was pretty constant and refreshing.

While we (my boyfriend & I) were in Cuba we explored a couple of different areas. Most of our time was spent in and around Varadero, which is on a peninsula that sticks into to the ocean. We also went and explored Matanzas & read (including the open country around Matanzas) in Jeeps. This was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. Some of the little villages we went through, and the streets of Matanzas opened our eyes to a completely different side of Cuba than what you see at the resorts. I would definitely recommend taking little things such as school supplies (we brought pencils, crayons, paper pads & markers) as well as anything to do with baseball or small change. People will come up to you and ask for stuff so it is nice to have a few things with you. I would recommend doing this in more isolated areas, as opposed to downtown Matanzas or Havana, as crowds may swarm to you. It is up to you of course, but isolated areas definitely seem like a safer opportunity to do this.

We also took a couple of boating trips in Cuba. One was out to an island near Cuba (uninhabited, and I do not recall the name of it!) for lunch and snorkelling an then we took another boat trip in a river in Matanzas. We took some beautiful pictures I will have to upload soon!! I love anything to so with the ocean and water, so I really enjoy these trips. Snorkelling is anther activity we really enjoy, we pulled out the GoPro and got some great underwater pictures.

I will have more about Cuba later, this is just a quick update!



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